Homecoming MEGA Mums & Garters (9.5″ Mum & 7.5″ Garter Flowers)

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Our Texas MEGA line uses HUGE 9.5 inch flowers for mums and 7.5″ for garters. The Single mum starts with 90+ yards of ribbon and include white flower(s) with Custom embellishment and deluxe trimming, extra full skirt with streamers in your school colors, lots of fancy and metallic ribbons, two name/activity streamers, deluxe looped homecoming streamer, rhinestone hoco letters, bells, fancy bows and trinkets, 4 deluxe embellished braids & boa. Although not necessary, this series is also easy to customize in our add on section if there is a particular element you want to guarantee.

It’s easy to add unique personality & fun touches to make your Homecoming mum truly special! When purchasing a mum from us, please read the description so you know what is included.

We offer lots of extra details to make your mum or garter a truly unique, custom, one-of-a-kind creation in our add-ons section where you can add as much customization as you choose.

For the most economical upgrades, look at our different mum lines where additional elements are included. (Package elements and details are chosen by Cuddly Cactus designers. To guarantee your choice of elements, please visit our add on section.)

*For Design purposes & uniqueness, elements may vary.

**See additional photos of samples and add-on items, or to see what is new schedule an in person consultation at our studio by visiting our Facebook page at facebook.com/cuddlycactushoco

***All Boas are individually fluffed to make them soft and full. Supply is limited on some boas and other upgrades.

****Mum photos are examples only, and most photos are shown with add-ons.

Shipping available within the contiguous United States.
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